IPC-LCDMCU is an IPS LCD display for displaying operating information from the IPC-CPUF407 controller, which also allows control using a rotary controller. It contains a parallel interface for transferring data to the display and a serial I2C interface for other inputs and outputs.

Target applications:
  • Displaying the status of the controller
  • Controlling the basic functions of the controller
  • Data Collection
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud services
  • Low profile for installation in classic distribution boards
  • IPS LCD display with a resolution of 320x240
  • Parallel connection of the LCD display
  • Rotary incremental controller
  • I2C interface for controller and digital inputs, outputs and analog inputs and outputs
  • Galvanically isolated digital and analog inputs and outputs





4x digital input (max 48V), 2x digital output (max 48V, 2A), 8x analog input
(x  is a variant A: 0-10V, B: 4-20mA, C:  PTC 1k/10k, D: NTC 47k/68k)


Block diagram of IPC-LCDMCU:


Product brief IPC-LCDMCU
Datasheet IPC-LCDMCU
Datasheet IPC-DIOxAIx


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